Personal Power & The Scorpio Full Moon

So, I’ve been chewing on selfish… Chewing, chewing and chewing. What surfaced is personal power expressed as love. If I could summon the personal power to lovingly ask for what I want/need, I wouldn’t need to be selfish. Meaning, there has to be some way to get what I need in a manner that’s harmonious to all involved. It’s possible… Read more →

Violets in the backyard

As I clean up twigs and branches from a recently pruned bush, I note the abundance of violets in the backyard. Large heart shaped leaves and purple flowers dot the lawn, occupy space in the herb patch and form a wild little boundary between our yard and the neighbor’s yard. I’m eyeing them. They’re eyeing me. They remind me that… Read more →

Anger, In-laws and life

You know what.. Usually when my in-laws come, I mean when my MIL comes I am all a twitter. It’s beautiful watching the eldest son get spoiled with attention. It’s also nice doing something with some one else’s mother because I struggle to do anything with mine.. which is a whole other post.┬áIt was a rough week, but here is… Read more →

What’s next

As I type, our nearly four month old baby lies beside me and our nearly three year old toddler is at Ikea with the in laws. In these moments of quiet, I want to return to having my own business. I miss having something for myself that connects me to community. I miss brining in hush money. I miss utilizing… Read more →