Magic & Intuition

Hi there,

I offer intuitive guidance coupled with magical solutions for life’s problems.

What does intuitive guidance with a magical solution look like?

It looks like us having a chat via google hang out, web ex or face time. At the end of our chat, I’ll offer you a magical solution. Maybe it’s a little ritual. Perhaps it’s a flower essence to take every morning. Maybe it’s a custom bath to enjoy for a few days. Or possibly the solution is energetic and can be taken care of during our conversation. Magic takes many forms. One never knows until it happens.

Can you help me?

I work best with women seeking to better themselves and their life. I love working with women seeking to unwind longstanding emotional patterns or work through problems of a spiritual nature. I’m the friend folk call when the shit hits the fan and want some wisdom. If you are curious, contact me. Here are a few testimonials.

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