Jeannette Lancien is an American Expat living outside of Paris with her two young boys.  Wildly intuitive with a unique connection to Mother Earth, Jeannette loves supporting folks in building a deeper connection to Mother Earth. She believes all we need to be happy, whole and well can be found in Nature. At least, that’s been her experience.

Jeannette comes to this work via herbalist studies, her ancestors and lots o’ issues. As a child, she watched her Mother and Grandmother consistently cultivate loving relationships with the plants around them. Plants seem to always bring peace and made her house home. As an adult she came to do the same; eventually finding herself studying Western herbalism and Root work. The more she studied, the more she heard the plants around her.

The more she heard the plants around her the more they had to say. Herbalism supported her first and second pregnancies. They facilitated delivery after 36 hours of labor. Plants also eased her grief after her father’s death and continue to help her work through her anxiety and manage her CPTSD. She’s learned that nature has much wisdom and comfort to offer when we open ourselves to it. Her relationship with plants continue to guide her in healing what ails and supporting others in being exactly who they want to be.

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