Can’t run away

The past two weeks have been crazy. A large mysterious hole popped up in the front yard. The lovely smell of rats and mice began wafting through the house and my dream life got crazy. The only thing that was stable were the children; which is very much like them. *sigh* Hooray for Earth Signs <3

Here’s what I’ve taken away from the past few weeks of tom foolery and fuckery.

1.  If you don’t get it the first time, you get to try again.

Me and rodents..I swear they often show up when fate is about to strike or I need to be doing something. The something I need to be doing is my life purpose. I had to talk to quite a few folk to learn something I kinda already knew, but had been ignoring. I mean, I’m lactating. Ain’t that all I need to be doing– damn 😉 Like a mouse in the house that I never knew was there, purpose has been here all along.

2. Life is much kinder & supportive than I imagined. 

I freaked the fuck out about the rodents. My deep anxiety was met with compassion, support, wisdom and kindness. The odd thing about all of this is that they really aren’t in the house. (Or if they are they are now playing nice.) As soon as I began to address my soul purpose, I stopped smelling them. With all that I was smelling, one would think there was an infestation. No infestation, the rodents and Mother Earth just wanted me to get to work.

3. You can’t escape what you are here to do. 

At least I can’t. When I was an astrologer I always worked from a space of intuition, because I hadn’t studied all that deeply. Oddly enough I was always right on the money. I was in France when I did intuitive readings for friends. Once a week I’d have at least one call lined up. I’d offer whatever my intuition could pick up, they would offer whatever they were guided to offer. France also taught me to listen to the Land. There I began working with herbs to clear stagnant energy, rid myself of spiritual attachments and set up boundaries. However, Portland, Or was where I really began to hear plants (not just the Land) clearly. Now, in the DMV, I find myself face to face with my purpose again. This time, I’m integrating all the experiences I’ve had: offering intuitive readings, working with plants and Mother Earth, anchoring space clearing energy, while learning new things…  to well… use my intuition to help other women because that seems to be what I do. No matter where I go…

We’ll see what’s next.

Love yourself for me



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