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Rose Hip Syrup for grief & illness

….. And the beginning of some rose hip elderflower elderberry and hawthorn syrup:)… If I don’t do when inspiration strikes.. Nothing happens 🙁 A photo posted by Jeannette Lancien (@jlancien77) on Dec 5, 2015 at 3:23pm PST A back log of unexpressed grief has manifested as a sinus infection. To be honest, this sinus infection has been a long time… Read more →

Herb of the Month: Elderflower

If you have never met Elderflower, I’d like to (re) introduce you to Her. She’s an amazing friend of mine.  For me, Elderflower is a doting, wise and powerful Grandmother. She gives you what you need in the form you can best receive it. There isn’t a harsh word in her. She is firm and gentle; lovingly guiding you in… Read more →