Rose Hip Syrup for grief & illness

A back log of unexpressed grief has manifested as a sinus infection. To be honest, this sinus infection has been a long time coming. The flow from winter to fall in combination with rampant consumption of gluten and cheese, topped off with unshed tears and the joys of Motherhood.

I’m a fucking mess 🙂 But thankfully, my good old buddy rose is with me. Inspired by this recipe right here, I am conjuring up some rose hip syrup.

My intention is not necessarily to heal myself of a sinus infection, rather I would like to love myself enough to accept all the things I am feeling and be honest about how easy things aren’t right now. A little compassion goes a looooooong way.

This Recipe was my inspiration, but I ended up adding some Hawthorne, Elderberries and Elderflowers 🙂 I find Elder to always be so good to me.



Herb of the Month: Rose

Why Rose in November? Rose is perfect for November because we all could use loving compassion to guide us through the darkness into the light of Spring. We all need help being loving to ourselves and each other as we enter a time of year that can bring great joy and great pain at the same time. It’s hard to remember that we are all struggling in one way or another, when you are in pain. Rose will help ease your pain so you can be kind to yourself and others.

Rose connects us to the divine love that lies within and all around us. Rose brings us back to center; where we can nourish and care for ourselves as we prepare for the dark, challenging times of life. More than any other friend, Rose helps me remember that there is more than enough love in every moment. The challenge is to open to it. As long as I am open, I will have all I need.

However, Rose reminds me that love does not mean being a sucker. It’s very important to have strong clear boundaries to remain safe whole and sane. Rose has a bigs strong heart, but also comes with very large thorns to protect herself with. I often ask for Rose’s assistance when I need to protect myself, in a loving yet clear way.

Hanging out with roses is a great way to connect with her. Rose hip tea is also a great way to reach the essence of Rose; although I am fond of taking a rose tincture first thing in the morning. If you are a fan of flower essences, Green Hope Farm has quite a collection to explore.

Be good to yourself and each other 🙂

Herb of the Month: Elderflower

If you have never met Elderflower, I’d like to (re) introduce you to Her. She’s an amazing friend of mine.  For me, Elderflower is a doting, wise and powerful Grandmother. She gives you what you need in the form you can best receive it.

There isn’t a harsh word in her. She is firm and gentle; lovingly guiding you in ways you don’t see or recognize until things come right. Suddenly what hurt before doesn’t hurt anymore and you’re surprised at how strong you are.

Elderflower makes for an excellent guide because she calms and grounds scattered energy, soothes emotional wounds and helps you sort out who you really are. Trust Elderflower. She knows.

Although some folks don’t really care for Elderflower during pregnancy and lactation, I used it all throughout pregnancy and lactation without any problems. In fact she helped me create space to mother in my own way, without taking on things that weren’t mine. But be sure to check in with your clinician and intuition before connecting with Elderflower. However, Elderflower is a go-to for me. If there is a problem I usually go to her first. If she can’t help, she always shows me who will. Elderflower always plays nicely with others.

If you are interested in discovering the wonder of Elderflower, try some Elderflower tincture. Simply empty a dropper full in an 8oz glass of water once daily.  As you work with Elderflower tincture, notice what is going on within you and in your life. She is subtle yet powerful and effective.

If tincture isn’t for you, try some tea. Here is a simple recipe that should last for a day or three. The intention here is to introduce you to Elderflower, but also to create some space for her to work her magic 🙂

Elderflower Tea:

2 Parts Elderflower

1 Part Nettles

1 Part Chamomile Flowers

Parts can be tablespoons or teaspoons. After mixing all parts, steep one table spoon in 8 oz of hot water for 5 minutes. Strain & Enjoy 🙂

Enjoy your time with Elderflower! She’s amazing.

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