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Violets in the backyard

As I clean up twigs and branches from a recently pruned bush, I note the abundance of violets in the backyard. Large heart shaped leaves and purple flowers dot the lawn, occupy space in the herb patch and form a wild little boundary between our yard and the neighbor’s yard. I’m eyeing them. They’re eyeing me. They remind me that… Read more →

An herbalist by any other name…

One day while perusing facebook, I noticed a friend’s status. She had decided she would no longer call herself a herbalist. I love it. It’s out of the box and I agree with it. Besides, the more I study herbalism the more annoyed I become with it. Why get annoyed? ¬†For starters, I don’t believe in “using” plants to heal… Read more →

Still in the body: Fear and Anxiety

As part of consistently honoring my commitment to being fully engaged in present moment, I can see things I couldn’t see before. Now, it’s not like I always know what to do with that I am seeing, but when I can see something I have a little more space to make different decisions. So, what am I seeing you may… Read more →

Rooting into the Body: The joy of discernment

I should preface this post by saying I hear… things… I hear things like the soul of the land, Ancestors, Spirits, Plants, Essences. Things like speaking to me. When I am really on, I see things. Occasionally I can feel things too. Things range from the emotions of others, to what the land is feeling. Sometimes I can feel the… Read more →