I’ve been drinking: Tea of the week

I generally change teas like underwear, but for the past few weeks I have been struggling with  grief. So everything I have been drinking has been about processing my grief.

Some drink their way through grief. Others cry, journal or create art. Me, I like to eat. You can tell how I am feeling by what’s in my fridge. Look past what’s prominently displayed up front and you’ll see what’s lurking in my heart.

Given that, I’ve gone hard in the paint eating cheese, chocolate and candy corn, what am I drinking to balance it out?  A simple mixture of nettles and dandelion…

Stress & Sugar Tea IMG_3766

1 Part Dried Stinging Nettle Leaf

2 Parts Dried Dandelion Leaf

Parts can be teaspoons or tablespoons. Mix with the intention to love yourself more. Then put one heaping tablespoon into 8 ounces of hot water. Steep at least 7 minutes. Strain & Enjoy 🙂

If you are super curious as to why Nettles and Dandelion.. I find nettles super nurturing and nutritive. It’s like a sweet loving elderly relative who babysits you. They loves you so much that you don’t get into any trouble because you don’t want to give them any trouble. With anyone else you would cut a fool. Nettles (and Oat straw for that matter) love and nurture  me into being kinder to myself. Dandelion is to help my body process all the damn sugar and to help bring me back to reality. Dandelion often offers me a kind kick in the pants. I should be nicer to myself and my body. Life is tough, but let’s not make an even bigger mess than there already is.

My hope is to make a little peace with my body. If I helping it digest the crazy I’ve been putting into it, maybe I can come to digest the reality that my father is dead. We’ll see what comes up. In the meanwhile, enjoy your tea 🙂

They aren't happy with this picture, but they know I do what I can :)
They aren’t happy with this picture, but they know I do what I can 🙂

Edit: Since drinking this tea, I’ve added 1 part Elderflower and 1 part Licorice. Elderflower is helping me keep my energy channeled in positive directions. Licorice is adding the sweetness I crave 🙂