Do you want to?

  • Enjoy simple, easy ways to develop or enhance your psychic abilities?
  • Discover how your spiritual abilities work?
  • Play with magic and ritual?
  • Access your spiritual abilities and use them to navigate life?
  • Experience a deeper sense of harmony in life?
  • Explore your spiritual abilities and gifts in community with other Mothers?

Well Mama, this is for you!

I offer three email based subscription services that will support your spiritual goals.



Magical Mama

19.99 Euro/mo

+ Weekly exercises to cultivate intuition


+ Access to secret facebook group

Full Moon Mama

 39.99 Euro/mo

+ Weekly exercises to cultivate intuition

+ Access to secret facebook group


Small Group Online Ritual 

every Full & New Moon

Spiritual Mentorship 

99.99 Euro/mos

+ Weekly exercises to cultivate intuition & magic

+ Access to secret facebook group


+ 1 x 60 Minute monthly mentorship session

Magical Mama Each week I’ll email you a practice designed to develop your intuition and cultivate your magic. You’ll have access to a secret facebook group where you can share your magical and intuitive adventures and unlimited email access to me.

Full Moon Mama Gets all the goodness mentioned above in addition to small group ritual work. On the New Moon and Full Moon we’ll meet via zoom. We’ll meditate, practice what we’ve been learning and do a little ritual.

Spiritual Mama Mentorship Want some hands on help in applying what you’re learning? You’ll get access to weekly magical mama exercises and bi-monthly moon mama rituals. You’ll also have a monthly 65 minute session with me to check in.

Why subscribe?

Because you feel called to explore, discover your spiritual gifts but you aren’t sure where to begin or how to. I offer simple, easy practices to support you in connecting with the deeper and higher aspects of yourself. This way, you can best discern what you need to do and how to best do it.

You want some supportive community as you cultivate your intuition and magic. Each subscription includes a moderated facebook group where you can share your experiences, ask questions, or just watch and know that you aren’t alone. I also host monthly gatherings via zoom. We’ll meet online, meditate, do some energy work and I’ll answer questions.

You want some guidance and somewhere to start on your spiritual path. You don’t have to do everything alone or figure out everything alone. This subscription service can help you. Between myself, and the other Mothers in the group, you won’t be alone 🙂

Life is kicking your ass and you need to do something now! I so get it. I offer simple tools and practices that will support you in growing through whatever is going on.

You want a deeper better relationship with yourself. The intention behind each practice and ritual I offer is to support in experiencing how intuitive, amazing and magical you are. In coming to know yourself this way, you’ll come to know and appreciate more of yourself.

Which subscription is for me? A few things to consider.

I don’t even have time to poop. How am I going to have time for a spiritual practice? I so get it. I focus on no frills, simple and easy intuitive practices and ritual. Power lies in clarity of purpose and self-confidence, not in complexity.

What’s my motivation and energy level? If you are fired up and ready to go, try the weekly magical mama group. It’s a nice way to gently immerse yourself into experiencing how intuitive and magical you really are. The practices are simple, but they take some commitment on your part. It’s hard to be committed when you haven’t slept, your partner is sick, your job is bonkers and life is generally hard. Be gentle with yourself. Even if you are burning up and feel like you need to be doing something, start with a practice that is easy for you to commit to. Want to do something, but not able to commit too much?

What if I’ve never done this before? We all start somewhere 🙂 You are welcome here. Whether the wind answers to your beck and call or you have never done a ritual you are welcome.

Is there anything special I need to participate? Nope, just yourself. I keep things simple and easy as possible. If you don’t already have it, you don’t need it. But, having access to facebook is important since I keep an eye on the facebook group. It’s also important to have access to Zoom. Our gatherings will be hosted there.

If you are curious to see who I am and how I work, check out facebook, you tube, Pinterest or my blog.

About your me…

one psychic mama

Jeannette Lancien is an American Expat living outside of Paris with her two young boys.  Wildly intuitive with a unique connection to Mother Earth, Jeannette loves supporting women in building and strengthening their intuition. She is clairaudient (hearing), clairvoyant (seeing), claircognizant (knowing) and on a good day clairsentient (clear feeling). Her favorite thing is strolling through nature and seeing what’s good.

Jeannette’s experience comes from years of her own intuitive development, personal studies, small group work and mentorship. Jeannette believes all we need to be happy, whole and well can be found by following our intuition back to Nature. At least, that’s been her experience. Want to know more?  Contact me, or check out the blog.