Mindful Eating

At one point in my life I was a mindful eating coach. I supported women in making food choices that supported their mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well being. It was fun times.

A few days ago one of my favorite questions (what are you really hungry for) popped up in my head. Ironically, I was in the midst of devouring chocolate cherry ice cream. I laughed at the question and realized what I was really hungry for I couldn’t quite have– or so I tell myself.

I tell myself that I can’t have time to myself. Then I proceed to fill every free moment of the weekend with activities that only I can do. I tell myself I can’t have any expression outside of motherhood as I neglect all sorts of reading, study and activities that have nothing to do with children. I tell myself that there is no room for “feeling like a woman again” as I complain that I’m too tired to twist my locs and neglect wearing my lipgloss of power.

Fuck all that noise. It’s easier to eat ice cream and be miserable. At least for today <3

Hope you are being good to yourself!

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