I’m alright with me

At some point, while wondering when my sweet son launched into toddler mode I realized that I fucking love being a Mother. My happiness is caring for my family by holding loving space for them.  I truly dig ensuring we have good nutritious food to eat, a comfy place to rest and that everyone feels loved and relates to each other harmoniously. I enjoy doing what I can to make sure that everyone in this household has whatever they need.

I am finally okay with being a mother  and realizing that this shit is what I do. It’s who I am and it’s okay. Oddly enough, I’ve always felt like I should be something else or some one else. I should be somewhere doing and saying important shit while wearing nice clothes, while people nod and do my bidding. It’s like I am supposed to be rich and in charge of something, some one somewhere. But right now, home is my happy space and shit is good. Besides, I suck at work. I never understood it. The way I am supposed to act for someone to pay me makes little since to me. To be honest, I barely hold down yoga teaching gigs.

Either way, it’s nice feeling like I am finally okay with who and how I am. I hope you are feeling okay with who and how you are too!

Until next time,

Take Precious Care,


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