In the mud


This morning the image of a lotus came to mind.

I imagined it rising up through the depths to flower on top of peacefully muddy water. Then I briefly thought about the many years I’ve been practicing yoga. There really is something to the idea of that whatever I am going through will pass; because it always does. No matter how intense the emotion. No matter how painful the sensation. Everything comes and goes. I never stay in the mud too long.

Like an uncomfortable practice, or too much hot sauce on my greens, I am learning not to identify myself with whatever batch of crazy I am growing through. I am something more permanent that all that swirls around me; changing every day. Slowly I am learning to feel who I am from the inside out and be content in that; knowing that everything that isn’t me will pass away.

Even though I don’t like discomfort, I can learn from it and move on. I won’t stay there.

That is all for today. Until next time..

Take Precious Care




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