The life of an intuitve housewife

One of the things I like most about keeping home is anchoring space; meaning creating a place that nurtures and supports loving, harmonious family.

What that has looked like over the years has changed. In France, it meant purity. Intuitively I was just waking up, so I was very sensitive. I focused my time and energy on rituals that would create more scared space. I didn’t want to constantly feel the depression of our neighbor, or the drunken violence of the street below. It was all too much. In Portland, I learned the importance remaining connected to Earth as a way of holding space. Earth taught me how anchor spaces that support certain experiences. I learned how to ground and protect space. I also picked up techniques for keeping malevolent energies from entering a home and ways to peacefully help them move them on if they became stuck. I also learned that there are any number of realities converging at once wherever you are. Portland, Oregon is a magical magical place.

Since our first son was born, I’ve had less and less time for intuitive and spiritual work. I no longer set out crystals, play with various entities, or just sit on the Earth to listen. Despite all the busy, I have been able to learn quite a bit about anchoring space from Bowie.

  1. Ancestral altars help me keep this home safe. My altar isn’t anything spectacular. It’s just a few pictures, favorite foods and some curios. But, I notice the more I ritually attend to the altar, the more my ancestors show up for me. This is a habit I can thankfully share with Lil Boo; who seems to love the altar in his own way. Feeling supported by folk on the other side while pregnant has been tremendously helpful.
  2. Spaces will tell/show you what they need when you take care of them. Taking care of them can look like regular cleaning, burning oils, bringing in fresh flowers or just being open to supporting the space in being it’s best brightest self. Everything enjoys loving connection. How you open to the door to connection is up to you. I don’t have to energy to scrub everything with apple cider vinegar, bleach or ammonia to clear things like I used to. ¬†Smudging, burning certain oils and vacuuming has been my go to’s. Thankfully it has worked.
  3. Mother Earth is kind and plants you where you can blossom. Since moving here, I’ve had many different opportunities to become more of who I want to be. Although I think I’ve had this chance in various other places we’ve lived, there is something about Bowie where such opportunities feel easier to take advantage of. I am thankful to be here and have noticed that my gratitude helps things unfold.

I know this is just the beginning and all is unfolding. We’ll see what emerges as we continue to enjoy life here.

Until next time, take precious care!


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