Pre-Eclipse Questions.. that need answers

So, I have some questions… What do I do when I realize that the ways in which my husband “hurts” my feelings is more about what I’m not doing for myself than what he’s not doing for me? Suddenly, I can see how  most of my issues with him have always been about my lack of self regard. He’s shown… Read more →

ISO: Sweetness

I sniff the sweet tea steaming on the stove and decide to add more sugar. I need something with just the right amount of diabetes; something sweet enough to prevent me from raiding the eldest son’s jellybean stash. I’ve been out of control lately. So out of control that I’ve been eating gluten too. Normally I avoid gluten. I know that… Read more →

Can’t run away

The past two weeks have been crazy. A large mysterious hole popped up in the front yard. The lovely smell of rats and mice began wafting through the house and my dream life got crazy. The only thing that was stable were the children; which is very much like them. *sigh* Hooray for Earth Signs <3 Here’s what I’ve taken… Read more →