Mommying Mommy: I am not my emotions

After doing this practice, I had the oddest sensation.  I could tangibly experience my emotions as something separate from me. I could physically feel that I am me and not the emotion hanging out in my right hip.

It is an interesting distinction because it creates space to receive the wisdom of whatever emotion is present without being taken over by it. Usually when I connect with my emotions, I do so as if they were parts of me. I never feel my anxiety. I am my anxiety. But today, instead of being anxious, I can recognize that I feel anxious without having to be it. Not being anxious actually allowed me to hear what it had to say. No, the anxiety did not leave me. It’s hanging out until it’s purpose has finished.

The more I take time out to actually recognize and hear my emotions, the more I realize that my intuition often communicates to me through emotion. I don’t always see, or hear or know, like I used to. Lately, I feel something that requires some digging or checking in. When I don’t dig or check in the feeling gets louder and disrupts my sleep. I love my sleep. So when my sleep is disrupted I listen:).

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