Food based Ritual

I support mothers through out all stages of mother hood in reconnecting to themselves and Mother Nature through food based ritual.

What is reconnecting to Mother Nature like?

Connection to Mother Nature is a supported space of integrity and harmony. It’s a space where you show up as yourself and are welcomed and appreciated for doing so. It’s a space where you are nourished and nurtured by life– no matter what it brings you.

I don’t have the time for this!!

Mama, I know  you have more than enough to do. My goal isn’t to give you more to do. My goal is to support you in creating sacred space in all you currently do. It’s too easy to forget who you are and what’s important to you as a mother. Food based ritual is a delicious way to remember.

What is ritual?

Ritual is any practice that connects you to the divine. It can be anything from savoring your coffee in the morning, to smelling your fruit before you purchase it. In my practice, it’s always something simple feels good and is easy to do.

How can ritual help me reconnect to myself or the Earth?

In ritual we set intention and create sacred space for that intention to be fulfilled. By consistently holding space for yourself who you are will emerge. It’s the same practice for reconnecting to Mother Earth. By consciously and consistently holding space, you can build a relationship. Intention and space are how things happen 🙂

What kind of ritual will I be doing?

We’ll be doing some rituals around food choice, cooking and eating.

What is working with you like?

Each week we’ll have a 60 minute chat. We’ll catch up on your weekly adventures and I’ll offer some wisdom. At the close of your session I will offer you a daily ritual for the upcoming week. Session notes will arrive the next day via email.

Where do sessions take place?

In the comfort of your own home. We can connect using google hangout, Facetime or,  appear in.

Session Pricing and Scheduling  

I begin with a free of charge chat. From there things cost 75 Euros a session. Contact me when you’re ready.

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