Mothers grow up too <3

I support Mothers in being their most amazing selves through working with flower essences, tinctures, teas and bath salts. 

Here’s how things work

We connect via appear in, facetime, or skype for about an hour. For our first sessions you’ll share with me what you’d like to focus on and how’d you like to develop. For our first conversation, my goal is to understand what’s most pressing for you in the moment and how you’d like to develop over time. As things proceed, we will move more organically. I will offer a regiment of bath salts, flower essences, tinctures or a tea to support you in your growth. Whatever I suggest, I will send to you to enjoy, unless you want to buy it yourself. I will check in a week after our initial conversation to make sure you’ve received what I sent you and that all is well. From there we can schedule another session when you’re ready.  

Emergency Sessions:

Sometimes, things happen and you need some support quickly. I’m a mother too. I understand this. Contact me. I can fit you in. 

Please note:

Plants are amazing!. They facilitate mental health and wellbeing. However,I’m not a therapist or psychologist. If I find myself outside my depth, I will suggest you find some help.  

What are the practical implications of working with me?

You’ll gain a deeper sense of self and come to experience that you are more supported and loved  than you can imagine. You’ll additionally come to experience how powerful, capable and magical you really are.

Session Pricing and Scheduling  

Sessions cost 75 Euros and include tea/tincture/flower essence or bath salts. Click here to book a session.

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