Honor your innate wisdom

If you’re a mother seeking to explore her spiritual side I’m here for you.

Here’s how I can help:

  • I can help you figure out what your gifts are.
  • I can support you in cultivating your gifts.
  • I can support you in finding a way to use your gifts in ways that honor you.

What are the practical implications of working with me?

You’ll gain confidence, clarity and come to experience you are more supported than you can imagine. You’ll additionally gain a deeper connection with yourself and the loving world around you.

What are your coaching sessions like?

Sessions last around 60 minutes. We’ll start by grounding and centering. Then we’ll catch up on your adventures and I’ll offer some wisdom. At the close of your session I will offer you some exercises to play with or some things to consider. Session notes will arrive the next day via email.

Where do sessions take place?

We can connect using freeconferencecall, Facetime or,  appear in.

Session Pricing and Scheduling  

Sessions cost 50 Euros and last an hour. Click here to book a session.

Work better in a group? Want to know more about me? Check out my bio, or come see me on facebook.