Mama Nature Online

I offer a weekly online class to support you in creating a deeper connection with Mother Nature. Building a strong relationship with Mother Nature is more than hearing trees whisper and flowers sing.

A deep relationship with Mother Nature entails self acceptance, self love, harmony and finding that place where everything works for you.

Mother Nature gives  us all types of signs to lead us us back to her, but we often miss them. By working with me, you can learn to better recognize and receive her guidance for yourself. You can find your way back to Nature.

Each week,  we’ll be guided by the elements and a few other special guests in working towards creating a more harmonious union with Mother Earth through simple ritual.

In class, we’ll do guided meditations, energy work and enjoy some discussion. Each session will close with a super simple weekly ritual that incorporates all we’ve discussed. The following day you’ll also receive session notes via email.

Class Schedule TBA