And so I ate it

Our move from Bowie, Maryland to St. Maur des Fosses France has kicked my ass in so many ways. I cannot even begin to describe it.  Instead, I will describe how I know that I’m doing better.

1.  I’m eating more and more of my favorite foods. No, not the sugary foods that I wake up at 3am to eat by myself. I’m talking about the foods that bring and keep me fully into the present moment because I love them so much <3 The foods that I love and the boys seem to love too.

2. I’m back to my daily herbal concoctions. If I’m not drinking something that smells green and has a story, I’m not myself. Nettles and I have been hanging out lately. It’s glorious.

3.  I’m serious about getting my greens in. At some point, a switch flipped and I started enjoying greens. The f-ed up thing is, I can’t find them here. So, I’ve started drinking green food smoothies. It’s not as fun as collards and turnips. I gotta do what I gotta do though.

There are other indicators including better sleep and weight loss. But the difference in my eating habits is what really grabs me.

Let’s see where this leads <3

Have a delicious week <3



The Reconnection Challenge: Week 2 Essential Self

This week, my challenge is to become more rooted into my essential self….um whatever that is. The trees around me describe it as their treeness. That description makes sense and confuses me at the same time. I’m human. There’s all these things I ascribe to who I am. When I think of Jeannette Lancien, I think sleepy Mother who laughs and cooks a great deal. I think of a loving wife and good friend. There are millions of things I think about until I am gently reminded that those are things I do. They are not who I am. If all those things were to change, I’d still be me–that is my essential self. It’s not what I do. It’s who I be.

I asked how do I root into the essence of who I am? I am told to breathe, be still and smile. Who I am will bubble up to the surface. I must admit that answer sounds much more like my Father than the trees, but let’s see what happens <3.

This week my challenge is to slow down and root/ground into my essential self.  Before getting out of bed and before preparing meals, I’ll take a couple of deep breathes into my belly and see what bubbles up. When I can feel myself, I will move from there

Let’s see what comes up <3

Oh yeah about last weeks eating challenge. It wasn’t too terrible, but it wasn’t great either. I have idyllic memories of being twenty something and vegan in the South of France. My memories and the present moment are two different things. Vegan bullshit is now abundant in France. I’m also not just cooking for myself and my husband (who eats just about anything with gratitude) anymore. Sadly, my kids are not into eating only veggies and don’t eat unless I’m eating what they are eating with them. So… eating better..meh. I was able to cut out milk products and limit the gluten. I’m hearing more; which was the goal. I’m overall satisfied but there is always more work to do.

Let’s see how next week goes!