Mother Nature —- a few thoughts

For the longest time, I swore Mother Nature was just bees, trees and flowers. Over time, I have come to experience her as much more.  In this moment, I perceive Mother Nature as a direct manifestation of the cosmic void from which all life comes.

Mother Nature is a loving force that bring us all together in unity. She loves, she restores, she nurtures and she minds each one of us. Mother Nature does all she can to remove all obstacles to the void/God expressing through us.

Our individual expressions, in all their variety, is her goal because every expression is valid and needed. In essence returning to Mother Nature is a kin to returning to a larger self. That larger self is the void and the Mother Nature is really the harmonious expression of every being on this planet.

Despite what I may think or how I feel, every expression has it’s own place, space and purpose in creation. I’m working on the human practicalities of all this. When I see evil and feel other folk’s pain I don’t understand why it’s necessary for pain and evil exist. However, the more I witness people returning to Mother Nature by connecting to plants or animals I can see that all problems can be solved by reconnection. Pain and evil can bring you back to yourself. You returning to yourself and being yourself is Mother Nature.

If we all felt in harmony and unity with ourselves and each other— would there be a need for violence? If we all felt like who we are is needed, welcome, loved and cherished would so many of us be in pain? I have no idea.

However, I do believe, if we returned to Nature, each of us would find our place. Things would be better– or at least this is what I’ve seen and experienced.


Connection Challenge: Week 3

This challenge has been a bit harder than I expected. It’s easy to carry an intention for a day. The real challenge is staying laser focused on my intention through out the week when there is so much to do.

For this week, I’d like to do something more subtle. This week, I want to focus on my feet. My feet keep the rest of my body grounded and connected to Mother Earth. Finding little ways to care for them and ensure that I am engaging them properly feels like a gentle way to deepen my connection with Mother Earth. Not to mention, since my feet are always with me it’s easier to check in with them—even when I am with the boys.

So, for this week, my goal is to ensure that my weight is evenly spread between both feet and that I am engaging them mindfully. I want to continuously feel the flow of energy down into the Earth when I exhale and into my feet when I inhale. My intuition often spreads out around me like a cape, but I can feel things though my feet. It’d be nice to sharpen this skill a bit. I also intend to do something nice for my feet; like a foot bath.

Last week’s focus on yard work was helpful. I trimmed an overgrown tree in the yard and realized that I was very much like that tree. In my own eagerness to find light, I occasionally confuse and stunt my growth. The tree reminded me the importance of letting go what no longer works and being flexible.

I also ended up finding some plants knows for attracting fairies 🙂 Foxglove was just planted yesterday and I hope to get snapdragon in the ground this week.

I’m curious to see what comes up next.

Until next time.. take precious care.

Connection Challenge Week 1

Welcome to the Back to the Earth Connection Challenge! My intention is to enjoy a number of simple, sweet actions that will strengthen my connection to Mother Earth. I’ll give myself extra bonus points for things that are kid friendly 🙂

As inspired by Hedgewitch Book of Days, the focus for this week is offerings of gratitude. Mother Earth supports us in a myriad of ways; seen and unseen. This week I’d like to focus on making simple offerings of gratitude.

Today, I’ve put out little treats for the helpful hidden folks. Tomorrow I’ll share my breakfast with the ancestors on my altar. Other ideas that have bubbled up are: picking up trash where I see it, pouring water out in gratitude to the Earth, verbally thanking Mother Earth every morning, and offering gratitude energetically. Offering gratitude is a great way to reconnect with Mother Earth. When life spins too fast it’s easy to forget our connection to Mother Earth. When you take a minute to thank Mother Earth, you reaffirm your connection to Mother Earth.

Happy Reconnecting! Enjoy the Full Moon! See you next week!



Pre-Eclipse Questions.. that need answers

So, I have some questions…

What do I do when I realize that the ways in which my husband “hurts” my feelings is more about what I’m not doing for myself than what he’s not doing for me? Suddenly, I can see how  most of my issues with him have always been about my lack of self regard. He’s shown me how to love me better.

What do I do when I realize that many of the things that I need to do for my own sanity I never learned how to do? I see resentment at the boys and frustration with Motherhood starting to raise it’s ugly head. How can I really resent them when I am busy hiding behind them? Mothering is a thing, but my work comes easy to me. I can do much more than I am currently doing without too much trouble.

What I am I supposed to do now that I realize that I am parenting the boys the way I wished that I was parented? I tell one truths he may not be ready for. The other one I won’t let out of my sight. I’m not sure three year olds are ready to understand colorism and the other one needs to learn how to nap alone. Why am I not considering who they are at the soul level (er whatever that shit really means) more? Meh.

It’s beautiful to realize these things, but I’m not quite sure what to do with them. How do I apply this wisdom? Do I pray to Mother Earth for help and then look appropriate flower essences? Is this something my ancestors can help me with? Can I magic my way out of this? Should I search for appropriate soul pieces from previous lifetimes to help or contact my future self? Damn, what do I actually have time, money and energy to do?

*Sigh* I have no idea what to do. All I know is that the eighth month old is fussing while the toddler is engaging in water play. No one has had a nap. Hopefully the calvary (hubby) is on his way home soon.

Hooray for eclipse season…kinda 🙂

Take precious care


The life of an intuitve housewife

One of the things I like most about keeping home is anchoring space; meaning creating a place that nurtures and supports loving, harmonious family.

What that has looked like over the years has changed. In France, it meant purity. Intuitively I was just waking up, so I was very sensitive. I focused my time and energy on rituals that would create more scared space. I didn’t want to constantly feel the depression of our neighbor, or the drunken violence of the street below. It was all too much. In Portland, I learned the importance remaining connected to Earth as a way of holding space. Earth taught me how anchor spaces that support certain experiences. I learned how to ground and protect space. I also picked up techniques for keeping malevolent energies from entering a home and ways to peacefully help them move them on if they became stuck. I also learned that there are any number of realities converging at once wherever you are. Portland, Oregon is a magical magical place.

Since our first son was born, I’ve had less and less time for intuitive and spiritual work. I no longer set out crystals, play with various entities, or just sit on the Earth to listen. Despite all the busy, I have been able to learn quite a bit about anchoring space from Bowie.

  1. Ancestral altars help me keep this home safe. My altar isn’t anything spectacular. It’s just a few pictures, favorite foods and some curios. But, I notice the more I ritually attend to the altar, the more my ancestors show up for me. This is a habit I can thankfully share with Lil Boo; who seems to love the altar in his own way. Feeling supported by folk on the other side while pregnant has been tremendously helpful.
  2. Spaces will tell/show you what they need when you take care of them. Taking care of them can look like regular cleaning, burning oils, bringing in fresh flowers or just being open to supporting the space in being it’s best brightest self. Everything enjoys loving connection. How you open to the door to connection is up to you. I don’t have to energy to scrub everything with apple cider vinegar, bleach or ammonia to clear things like I used to.  Smudging, burning certain oils and vacuuming has been my go to’s. Thankfully it has worked.
  3. Mother Earth is kind and plants you where you can blossom. Since moving here, I’ve had many different opportunities to become more of who I want to be. Although I think I’ve had this chance in various other places we’ve lived, there is something about Bowie where such opportunities feel easier to take advantage of. I am thankful to be here and have noticed that my gratitude helps things unfold.

I know this is just the beginning and all is unfolding. We’ll see what emerges as we continue to enjoy life here.

Until next time, take precious care!