Well Damn..

It’s been a minute.. so much has happened between now and then. There is so much to say, yet so little time. Oh, the joys of motherhood. Here’s the high notes:

1.  The land we live on is magic. Whenever I think of a plant that I’d love to cultivate a deeper relationship with it pops up in the yard. I wanted roses and now there is a little rose bush forming. I wanted violets. There are an abundance of violets peppering the back yard. Now that I have calmed myself, I can finally enjoy the  magic of this space. Speaking of enjoying things..

2. This transition to two kids is bananas. I find myself sometimes thinking, if only I could take more passionflower, or more shatavari I would be oooookkkkkkaaaaayyyyy. I am constantly reminded that no matter what plant I consort with I need to take care of myself. Some days taking care of me is sleeping when the boys nap. Other days it’s finding mothers of color to talk shit to. Whatever care is on that day I need to do it, or the next day I’m not the mother I want to be. Since we are talking about self care and herbs…

3. Dirt is magic. Did I mention how magic our yard is? It seems to calm the eldest son, put the youngest to sleep and helps me find balance. I never thought planting an herb garden would be a joyful activity to share with a toddler and an infant, but for us it is.

4. Who am I?  I am slowly realizing that I need to show up as myself when I mother; even though who I am is constantly changing. To make everything about the boys isn’t honest. It’s stifling and not real. It makes me resentful. But somehow, I don’t want to completely ignore their needs either. I am finding that we all enjoy being outside and interacting in nature. Whether that means meandering on a wooded path or digging in the garden. I hope to find more harmonious activities to share. Did somebody say change?..

5. In the midst of all this crazy, herbalism has changed for me. Or rather maybe I’ve become more confident in my own approach. I’d be a damned lie to call myself a clinical herbalist. Ain’t never been anything clinical about me 🙂 I find that plants dance in and out of my life to help me and those around me. Oddly enough whatever we need is whispered into my ear or is in the cupboard. Ironically many of the plants I fux with heavily are plants my Father or Grandparents worked with. I’ve decided to stop trying to figure it out and just enjoy the ride. It’s very entertaining at the least.

6. New plant friends.. So in the past few months, I’ve made two new friends.. well more than two. But these two want to be written about: Borage and Lemon Verbena. I am loving loving loving borage seed oil on my face in the morning. It gives my skin a youthful glow. Word on the street is borage is great for hormonal balance too! All I know is that I love borage and she likes me 🙂 Lemon Verbena is a lovely nervine; meaning it calms me the fuck down and supports breast milk production. She pairs nicely with Elderflower and Honey. Me thinks I’ll see more of her this summer.

There is much more to share, but I have a toddler to pick up and a baby to nose frida. Poor Ting can’t sleep while congested.


Take Precious Care


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