For the past few days, I’ve been doing spiritual baths in the evening. I’m on day six of nine and there have been quite a few subtle changes. I feel much calmer and more like myself than I have in a very long time. I received some advice from my Father and my Paternal Grandmother that I’d like to share, but a little context is necessary first.

As a psychic, I tend to get confused as to whether what I sense is actually mine or not. Much that I have been experiencing, feeling and carrying over the years has not been mine. It’s belonged to my ancestors, my parents, my race, my homies etc… So, as I continue to peel back layers of emotions and habits it’s interesting to start getting backstory as to why I’ve been feeling certain ways.

To make this process a little easier I’ve been advised to step back from my emotions as they bubble up. Stepping back allows me to acknowledge that I am feeling something, but this something may or may not be me. Mostly, things have not been mine at all. This process has been helpful in clarifying where my ancestors experience ends and I begin.

All these practices lead somewhere. Let’s see what comes up next <3

I hope the week has been good to you <3



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