Our move from Bowie, Maryland to St. Maur des Fosses France has kicked my ass in so many ways. I cannot even begin to describe it.  Instead, I will describe how I know that I’m doing better.

1.  I’m eating more and more of my favorite foods. No, not the sugary foods that I wake up at 3am to eat by myself. I’m talking about the foods that bring and keep me fully into the present moment because I love them so much <3 The foods that I love and the boys seem to love too.

2. I’m back to my daily herbal concoctions. If I’m not drinking something that smells green and has a story, I’m not myself. Nettles and I have been hanging out lately. It’s glorious.

3.  I’m serious about getting my greens in. At some point, a switch flipped and I started enjoying greens. The f-ed up thing is, I can’t find them here. So, I’ve started drinking green food smoothies. It’s not as fun as collards and turnips. I gotta do what I gotta do though.

There are other indicators including better sleep and weight loss. But the difference in my eating habits is what really grabs me.

Let’s see where this leads <3

Have a delicious week <3



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