I have fond memories of Peach. When I was a little girl, there was a Peach Tree in our back yard. Peach Tree seemed a bit tiny in comparison to the tall graceful Birch Tree that danced in the wind beside it. Peach tree’s sap used to run, it’s leaves had brown edges and it’s fruit was spotted. I used to be so very angry at the Birch Tree beside it. I swore the Birch Tree was choking it out. Funny story, in the end that Birch Tree saved my life :). However, those two trees were just too close and I was so upset when my parents cut Lil Peach Tree down.

My memories of Peach tree are quite different from my current experience with her. She is a comfort when my nerves are shot, I am feeling stabby and I just can’t find my way back to calm. There is something soothing about peach. She softens hard the hard spots in your heart and gives stuck emotions space to flow. Suddenly what was stuck can move and you can finally discern the past from the present. You don’t have to hurt anymore, you can now move on.

Working with, or rather playing with Peach tincture has helped me clear my lungs and open my heart in a gentle sweet way. Because of Peach, I know that growth or moving on doesn’t have to be something painful. It can just be. If you have something stuck in your heart or have a knot that needs to be loosened, Peach will help sweeten things so you can let go. If you find yourself anxious in a sort of violent way, Peach will create peace , so there is no longer a need for war. She doesn’t want to see you suffer or harm yourself when you can forgive instead.

My favorite thing to do it enjoy Peach tincture in the morning. There is a distinct different in my patience levels when I don’t take it!! I’ve also played with peach leaves in tea, but nothing does me like Peach Leaf Tincture. Here is my favorite one 🙂 May the sweetness of Peach find you and slowly overcome the bitterness in your life!


Photo courtesy of Dreamstimes.com