Or rather, manifestation through attraction; being instead of doing.

Lately, I’ve been having with the the Magic of Flowers oracle deck. It’s amazing. I usually pull a card in the morning and within the next day or so, the flower featured on the card pops up around me <3

Hyacinth popped up this morning. She reminded me that creation through vibration is possible. Don’t work hard to do shit. Focus on being instead. Hyacinth then pointed me to Ochun who is the essence of the Divine reeling itself in to love itself. I am asked to be honest with myself; attract what I want by feeling as if it were already here. If I am honest about what I really want, holding the vibration of what I am creating should not be too challenging.

I love how the flowers work. They often remind me that my life could be more light, fluid and joyful. I don’t even have to work for it. I just need to be it.

Let’s see what unfolds next.

Bon Weekend

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