An intuitive mama mentor

Intuitive Mentor, Jeannette Lancien, is an American Expat living outside of Paris with her two young boys. Jeannette loves supporting women in realizing how intuitive they are and how to strengthening their intuition. She is clairaudient (hearing), clairvoyant (seeing), claircognizant (knowing) and on a good day clairsentient (clear feeling). Her favorite thing is strolling through nature and seeing what wisdom fills her eyes and ears.

Jeannette’s experience comes from years of her own intuitive development, personal studies, small group work and working with her own intuitive mentor. Jeannette believes all we need to be happy, whole and well can be found by following our intuition back to Nature. At least, that’s been her experience. Want to know more?  Contact me, or check out the blog.