Haha! Motherhood is rough on the teeth 🙂

The last time I had any dental work, I was newly pregnant. Now that I am… well pregnant again, I have no desire to have someone drilling into my mouth. I’ve found a product that has been great for my tooth decay, but it’s not very pregnancy friendly. I use it and feel guilty. It’s like I can feel the fuckery it could potentially cause.  So, it’s time to try something new.

After cleaning out my little herbal stash, I came across some white oak bark. I didn’t think much of it. The I remembered that White Oak Bark is fabulous for the mouth. It kills bacteria 🙂 This is what I need! I also need Milky Oats! Milky oats has an abundance of trace minerals; including the ones that build teeth: calcium and silica.

I looked into other herbal allies such as black chestnut and horsetail. But I was told no 🙂 They aren’t normally, pregnancy friendly. Black Chestnut feels like a level of gangster I am not ready for.

So in honor of my cavities, I will do more to support healthy digestion, increase intake of healthy fats and enjoy a thrice daily rinse of white oak bark and milky oats. We’ll see how it goes.

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