It was so nice having my Mother in Law visit. It was a bit challenging, though. She took such delight in being with Lil Boo. She took him out on walks. She played with him for hours. She even baked cookies with the kid 🙂 It was beautiful to watch because I could see that someone loved him as much as I do. Most importantly, he loved the way she loved him. Lil Boo would call her name when he woke up from naps and before he went to bed. It was beautiful to watch those two. She also helped me a great deal. Often she would ask for take out, so I didn’t have to cook. She’d clean up after meals. She’d even insist that I go relax while she was here. So… I did relax.. until I didn’t.

In the midst of all my relaxing, I began to feel a wee guilty. I mean, the woman came all the way from France and I’m not entertaining her. I should be entertaining her. Early pregnancy nausea and fatigue be damned, I should be the host that my husband cannot be since he is at work! So I tried that for a minute and then grew surly about it…. because… well.. hormones! Besides, Lil Boo loves her like no one else and she cares for him like no one else. I deserve rest. Next time I’ll park my guilt.

Although I am used to feeling guilty, feeling jealous was a bit of a surprise. Suddenly, I wanted Lil Boo to call me  upon and to clean up after meals myself. I wanted to do everything myself again. I felt like my place had been taken. I had been replaced. It’s an odd thing to admit.

By the time all these emotions had peaked, she was leaving the next day 🙂 I could have my place back: cooking, cleaning and playing with Lil Boo all day long. That’s how I like things, anyway!

Until next time!

Take Precious Care!


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