Hey there,

I offer weekly ritual and an online forum to support the spiritual path of Motherhood.

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What our spiritual practice looks like

Every Thursday at 10 am CET (Paris, France) we gather via 8×8 video conferencing. (Here’s a time zone converter to see if this time works for you.) We center, ground and then do a spiritual practice together. Afterwards we chat for a bit. Then, we go our separate ways. However we keep in touch via our discourse forum. Our forum is a safe space for sharing changes, challenges, questions, insights or spiritual adventures.

Membership cost 15 euros a month. Click here to get started.

Mothers rooted in Full Moon ritual

Any questions?..

What is ritual?

Ritual is any practice that opens the door to connect with Spirit. In this case, we’ll be doing simple rituals to support your path as a Spiritually gifted Mother.

What does ritual look like?

Our practice will be simple. It’ll look like pouring water at the base of a tree in the morning, writing yourself a love letter, taking a long bath, or verbally expressing your gratitude to Nature for all She gives. Our purpose is to open the door to the loving aspects of Mother Nature & Mother Earth; not to be complex. However, simple practices that are repeated can tackle complex issues.

What’s in it for me?

Ritual and and spiritually centered community provides space for you to explore and cultivate spiritual your gifts. Trust me, if you did not have any sort of spiritual ability, you would not be reading this! You would be elsewhere.

Your spiritual gifts are skills that help you navigate life’s challenges and uncertainties.—  Building these skills through ritual and community deeply benefits you and your family.

Community is an important part of developing your spiritual gifts. We learn who we are and how we best function by being in relationship to each other. There aren’t many places to talk about those shadows that show up by your bed at night, that funky feeling in the basement, or how to support the dead hanging out around your house in going elsewhere. If you ever needed to have these sorts of conversations with someone else with kids: Welcome Home! This is space is for you!

What do I need to participate?

If you have access to candles, clean water, Earth, spices, fruit, tea/herbs you should be fine. If you need anything special I’ll be sure to let you know. I really like to keep things simple and inexpensive 🙂

About me…
I hold weekly rituals for Spiritual Mamas.

Jeannette Lancien is an American Expat living outside of Paris with her two young boys.  Wildly intuitive with a unique connection to Mother Earth, Jeannette loves supporting people with children in reconnecting with themselves and nature. She is clairaudient (hearing), clairvoyant (seeing), claircognizant (knowing) and on a good day clairsentient (clear feeling). Her favorite thing is strolling through nature and laughing.

Jeannette’s experience comes from years of being guided by plants, studying herbalism, small group work, and her own intuitive & personal development.

Jeannette believes all we need to be happy, whole and well can be found by following our intuition back to Nature. At least, that’s been her experience. If you are curious to see learn more check out you tube or the blog.