What I offer

I offer the opportunity to practice Full Moon ritual with an online community of like minded mamas. I also offer an online forum where you can be supported in the spiritual path of Motherhood. I’ll be regularly checking in to hear how rituals are working for you, about your life as a spiritual mama and to witness other things you might need to get off your chest.

How we’ll be working with ritual..

Three days before the full moon we’ll get together via 8×8 video conferencing. We’ll chat, meditate and do a simple practice that opens to building a deeper connection with yourself and Mother Nature.

We’ll then go our separate ways, but keep in touch with each other via our discourse forum. There you can share any changes, insights or spiritual adventures. If you miss our monthly ritual, I’ll post a link for it in our forum so you can watch and practice when you can. I also post any other free spiritual courses, classes or exercises I’m guided to come up with in our forum as well.

Membership cost 30 euros a month and your first 30 days are free. Click here to sign up.

Mothers rooted in Full Moon ritual

Any questions?..

What is ritual?

Ritual is any practice that opens the door to connect with Spirit. In this case, we’ll be doing simple rituals to rekindle your relationship with yourself and Mother Nature.

What does ritual look like?

In our practice, ritual will be simple. It’ll look like pouring water at the base of a tree in the morning, writing yourself a love letter, taking a long bath, or verbally expressing your gratitude to Nature for all She gives. The purpose of ritual is to open the door to the loving aspect of spirit; not to be complex. Curious about my practice? Check out my youtube.

What do I need for ritual?

If you have access to clean water, Earth, spices, fruit, tea/herbs you should be fine. If you need anything special I’ll be sure to let you know. I really like to keep things simple and inexpensive 🙂

About me…

I reconnect with Mother Nature through Full and New Moon ritual

Jeannette Lancien is an American Expat living outside of Paris with her two young boys.  Wildly intuitive with a unique connection to Mother Earth, Jeannette loves supporting people with children in reconnecting with themselves and nature. She is clairaudient (hearing), clairvoyant (seeing), claircognizant (knowing) and on a good day clairsentient (clear feeling). Her favorite thing is strolling through nature and laughing.

Jeannette’s experience comes from years of being guided by plants, studying herbalism, small group work, and her own intuitive & personal development.

Jeannette believes all we need to be happy, whole and well can be found by following our intuition back to Nature. At least, that’s been her experience. If you are curious to see learn more check out you tube or the blog.