I couldn’t get away from my spiritual gifts if I tried— not that I want to. Nature loves me and I am psychic. Nature spirits, Spiritual entities of different sorts and the Dead enjoy hanging out, keeping me informed and asking me to do things. Consciously integrating my gifts with how I parent is a continuous journey. Here’s how I do & what I’ve learned over the years

Find a way of honoring your gifts that works for you—

Ritual speaks to me because it’s allowed me a safe container for connecting with spirit on the regular. Ritual offers me the structure and rhythm I need to keep me grounded. Things constantly change and shift with children, but the rhythm of ritual keeps me going. Ritual for me isn’t big. It’s usually simple, fun and joyfully clandestine.

Spiritual Gifts are part of who I am and if I don’t honor them— I get a little crazy.

When I don’t take time to be alone with Nature, I’m a horrible mother. If I neglect my ancestor altar or oracle cards for too long, I get lost. You don’t want me not to smoke out the house or not take a spiritual bath for a couple of weeks. My connection to Spirit and Nature is a vital part of who I am. I must honor it or I fall apart. Motherhood can demand we give up large parts of ourselves to raise children and keep house. My spirituality is something I’ve found that I must keep. It helps me balance and navigate everything else.

I create time for spiritual practice— even if it’s not perfect.

Five minutes here and there make a big difference. Those five minutes of honoring yourself and your gifts nourishes you in all things to come. It can be hard as fuck when you don’t sleep and can’t pee by yourself. But it’s so worth it in the long run. Before creating regular space for ritual I would sneak things in when I could. This looked like writing petitions and doing candle magic when everyone was sleeping. It also looked like morning oracle card readings and intuitive exchanges while my husband looked after the boys. Persistently, taking 5 minutes here and there got me to a place where I could better understand how I best work and how I can keep my spiritual practice within a constantly changing schedule.

Patience sucks, but is important.

Spiritual growth during motherhood can be daunting. There’s so much to juggle and balance. However, I’m learning that things work themselves out with a little bit of patience. Honestly, it took me some searching to figure out a spiritual path that works for me. I know how I do may change in time, but for today I’m thankful for where Spirit has brought me.

Sometimes simplicity is best.

For me, the most powerful practices have been simple ones. I feel like the more effort I put into things, the more convoluted it becomes and I lose the connection to Spirit. Simple practices, simple offerings with simple instructions work best for me. I find that if I am asked to do something elaborate I often need to either check my ego or make sure I am hearing who I think I am hearing.

Boundaries are essential

I’m talking about boundaries for your kids and the Spirits as well. I learned to remind Nature Spirits and the Dead that I can only play when I am without the kids. I need to pay attention to the kids. I can’t pay attention to two children and whomever is filling my ear at the same time. It’s stressful. The Spirits respect my boundaries. There are certain things, I don’t let the children touch or know about. My husband knows little of what I do. And that’s okay 🙂 Mystery is sexy. Everything needs boundaries to function in a healthy manner.

Including kids is important— they need to know what they are working with.

The boys love the ancestral altar and have made offerings. The eldest loves Nature and has an amazing green thumb. We sometimes tend plants together, talk about how to be respectful of animals and discuss the important of boundaries. This point is so important. The children of spiritually gifted parents need to know how to work with their gifts, or their gifts become destructive. There is nothing worse that being a medium or psychic and not knowing. It causes chaos for the child and the family.

Spiritual Hygiene is fundamental

I have a regularly spiritually cleanse myself, the children, the space we live in and my husband (as he allows). I function better as mother when I am spiritually clean, the children behave better and our living space feels better. Life is funky. It’s important to be clean.

These are some of the lessons I’ve learned over the years. What about you? What have you learned from balancing your spirituality with Motherhood?

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