I love Plant Friends. They make me laugh because they have a habit of showing up right when I need them. Being an  herbalist in this way is quite amazing.

I first met mugwort as moxa. I remember my acupuncturist burning moxa during a session to assist conception. It worked. I soon became pregnant. Months later, moxa made an appearance during labor, as a relief measure. The intention was that moxa would move energy so that baby could be born. After Lil Boo was born, I heard nothing from Mugwort. She disappeared as quickly as she popped up.

A year or so later, I moved to the Silver Spring Metro area. I spent my first summer playing with Lil Boo by (and occasionally in) Sligo Creek. At first I didn’t believe my eyes. Then I took a closer look. Yep, Mugwort was everywhere. I chuckled. I looked at her, she looked at me and then suggested I take a few leaves home to place by my bed. I followed her advice.

In addition to supporting conception, dreamwork, intuition and restorative sleep, I learned that mugwort was very protective. She keeps trouble from finding you. She’s not who to call when you are in trouble. She’s the one  to call when you want to avoid trouble. Mugwort is so much more than a door to unseen realms.

A couple of weeks ago mugwort said that I needed to purchase it. I wasn’t sure why, but I did. She arrived accompanied by skullcap. At first I put a little bit of mugwort in a cup with some lavender to put by my bed. The odor cleared my third eye and relaxed me. It felt so goooooooodddd. Then mugwort suggested I combine her with skullcap as a tea. So I did and had the best sleep I have had in a long long time. It was a restorative deep sleep that did not leave me drowsy in the morning. It was a beautiful thing. My dreams were helpful and soothing. 🙂

Since I am in conception mode I look forward to playing with mugwort more. I know she has a great deal to teach me and I am thankful to learn.

Until next time, take Precious Care


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