So, I’ve been chewing on selfish… Chewing, chewing and chewing. What surfaced is personal power expressed as love.

If I could summon the personal power to lovingly ask for what I want/need, I wouldn’t need to be selfish. Meaning, there has to be some way to get what I need in a manner that’s harmonious to all involved. It’s possible to have my needs met without being selfish. This can only happen when I am empowered by love.

Without love, my expression of personal power can override the needs of others. Without love, I will feel guilty to even having needs. All things seem to come together in love.

When I have energy and space to hear, Imma fan of conjure and ritual. So a little something to do for the May 10th Scorpio Full Moon popped up. Scorpio loves power. It also loves dredging up and resolving any lingering bullshit. I have issues around personal power and asking for what I need.

For this little bit of fun, it seems best to work with a couple of tumbled stones. As it stands now, I’ll combine rose quartz, tiger’s eye, and soladite in a mason jar with some fresh water and honey. The jar will sit out in the sun/moon light from the 7th-10th with the intention of connecting my sense of personal power with love so it may be harmoniously expressed.

Things change on the daily and there are children involved. We’ll see how this comes together.

Take precious care of yourself.


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