And for this week’s practice, I intend to do nothing. That’s right! I’m doing not a god dang thing. Why, you may ask?

I’m doing nothin because it’s time to. All these new practices have brought me to a place where a bit of rest and reflection is needed. I want to breathe deeply to see what sticks and what doesn’t.

I’m also curious to see what happens when I actually just focus on being where I am at. I’m always doing eleventeen rituals, thirty five spells along with cleansing and protecting everything. Rather than push into something else I want to see what happens if I just breathe.

I’m curious <3

Last week’s practice went well and horribly at the same time. Additional meditation time did not happen. However, I did sit at my ancestral altar more; which was very very helpful. My ears and heart is full <3

Whatever comes up this week– may it bless you <3

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