As promised, here is what has worked best for me in terms of ritual. For me, Ritual (spiritual practice) is a bridge to Spirit. Now, spirit is a broad term. So, the Spirits I focus on connect with are Nature Spirits, Mother Nature herself, Mother Earth, herself and my Helpful Ancestors.

To be frank, I don’t do nearly the amount of ritual I’d like. But, I’m learning to be more patient and kind with myself, as the kids get older I’ll have more space and time.

Here what I have about ritual over the years:

  1. I focus on what inspires me most. What lights you up? What do you love? Focus on that because that love and joy will sustain you through any challenges. My focus is my ancestors and Nature. I roll hard for my helpful dead, because they have always showed up and out for me. Nature is very much the same way. When I ask, the land around me provides. So, I always look for ways to say thank you and give back— even without asking for anything because I’m focusing on nurturing a loving relationship, not just getting what I want. Now, it doesn’t mean that I don’t get invited by other spirits and entities to come work for/with them as well. But, I’ve learned to focused what’s closest to my heart. Plus, my ancestors often tell me no.
  2. I enjoy meaningful, yet simple ways to connect with what’s important to me. Ritual does not have to be elaborate to be effective. For example, you feel connected Nature but live in a city apartment with children (or animals) that kill houseplants and destroy your altars. (I’ll tackle children and altars on another post.) When you take your children out the house, take some water with you. Offer (pour) water on any grass, tree or living plant outside you can find. Thank Mother Nature for surrounding you, loving you, protecting you and being present in all things. You may not do this all the time, but make sure you hit it at least once a week. Consistency is key, but start where your time, energy and mental health allow.
  3. I am open to learning more but, I always trust my intuition. I love reading and learning, but I work best when guided by my Highest Self, Soul, Guides and Helpful Spirits. My experience has been that my intuition works for me and your intuition works for you. Ritual is a safe space for you to be honest and clear about what works for you. So, if something does not feel right— honor that! It’s okay to change it up or do something unconventional. It’s okay if your intuition or Supportive Energies guide you away from your plans and what the rest of the world maybe doing. It’s okay. You are magical with the ability to build a loving relationship with Sprit through regular ritual. Believe in that.

As the Spirits that guide and keep me dictate, I will come back to this topic 🙂

The next post will explore the many many ways to incorporate Spirituality and Motherhood.

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