A back log of unexpressed grief has manifested as a sinus infection. To be honest, this sinus infection has been a long time coming. The flow from winter to fall in combination with rampant consumption of gluten and cheese, topped off with unshed tears and the joys of Motherhood.

I’m a fucking mess 🙂 But thankfully, my good old buddy rose is with me. Inspired by this recipe right here, I am conjuring up some rose hip syrup.

My intention is not necessarily to heal myself of a sinus infection, rather I would like to love myself enough to accept all the things I am feeling and be honest about how easy things aren’t right now. A little compassion goes a looooooong way.

This Recipe was my inspiration, but I ended up adding some Hawthorne, Elderberries and Elderflowers 🙂 I find Elder to always be so good to me.