Now see, I had the intention to write something, but you know what. I’m learning to lower my expectations during September. It’s a wee crazy getting back into the rhythm of school.

Anyway, it occurred to me this morning that there is a beautiful intersection between personal development, spiritual housekeeping and power.

When I was younger and more organized, I was on top of that shit. The apartment was grided with crystals, I’d put together spiritual floor washes and there were quite a few altars. Ironically all the things I sought to keep away, still found their way to me. It never deterred me though. I just upped my spiritual game.

Since moving to France, I’ve kept some of these habits. But, life has really kicked my ass. I don’t have the time or energy for regular spiritual floor washes, creating fiery walls of protection or crystal griding in rhythm with the lunar cycle. It was fun, but it never really seemed to work for what I wanted it to work for anyway.

What all of this has taught me is that if your mind and heart ain’t right it doesn’t matter what you to do to protect your home. If the vibe you want anchored in your home/family isn’t in your heart there’s nothing crystals, herbs or ritual can do to anchor it there. You gotta do the inner work.

And the interesting thing about motherhood is that when we, as mothers are off– nothing really works. I can see the difference in how things run before I found an effective therapist and after.

Besides, where I live usually mirrors where I am. It shows me what’s working, what isn’t. It shows me all the work I have to do. So, all the energy I threw at keeping my lessons away wouldn’t have worked anyway. I’m not a person who can hide from what she needs to learn.

Long story short, there’s a connection between personal development and responsible use of magic. Personal development ideally runs alongside spiritual development. Being powerful as fuck with no common sense and issue galore isn’t a good thing.

I’m sure there’s more to say on this topic. In the meanwhile, be good to yourself & happy Equinox <3

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