As a Spiritual Mother, times of adversity will deepen your connection to Spirit. Even though it may seem difficult and scary, allow yourself grace. Know that you have the skills and abilities needed to pilot your family safely through these times.

Our abilities can change and adapt for the times we are facing. If one thing seems to not be working, be open to change. Know that guidance will come and lead you to doing what it yours to do.

Here how my abilities and spiritual practice have been getting me through the past couple of weeks:

Knowing that others have done it before me

Ancestral reverence keeps me going. Knowing that I had ancestors who made it through the middle passage, seasoning, slavery, reconstruction, World War1, the Spanish Flu, the Great Depression, World War 2, Jim Crow and Korea gives me faith that I am supported and can navigate myself and my family safely through whatever happens.

Balancing self care & with what needs to get done.

I’ve learned that when I don’t take care of me I end up apologizing for my behavior and nothing gets done. Its better for me to let the boys to play while I do something kind for myself than to try teach them all the things, while cooking, cleaning and doing laundry. Now teaching does happen, but I’m learning to make it fun and to teach them things that I love!

Herbs, Immunity & keeping clean

The boys are finishing up a round of probiotics while enjoying sweet Melissa and herb pharm’s immunity support for kids. When the herb pharm runs out, we’ll switch to a astragalus root glycerite while our own immunity concoction marinates.

I also enjoy spiritually cleaning the house, myself and the children at least once a week. I’ve been low key working on my husband too! Cleanliness is helpful in so many ways.

Having as much fun as possible

Yes, the boy’s teachers have sent lots of school work. No lie, we don’t do it all. This ain’t school and education will change. I’ve been focusing on creating (shared and alone) opportunities for joy and fun. Fun is a great way to learn: cooking with the boys, making pillow forts, practicing yoga, playing in the sandbox has been fun and nourishing. For myself, I enjoy waking up early so I can listen to music, dance, do ritual and tend to my ancestral altar. I also nap as much as possible. Fun is a super power that keeps things light and fluid– which is very important during these times.

What about you? What are you doing in these challenging times to honor your gifts and support your family?

As a Spiritual mother it’s vital to embrace your gifts as way to support, assist and protect yourself and your family in these challenging times. In fact it’s vital that you do so. Your family needs the full expression of your gifts as much as you do. Working with your gifts will bless you with what you and yours need. Root into yourself and know what’s right for you and your family. I know you can do it.

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