Keeping a regular spiritual practice before lock down was challenging. Confinement has made things even more difficult.

We are all together in this little apartment all the time. No quiet. No secrecy. We a family of sensitive folk, too. So we’re in here feeling each other’s vibes and acting accordingly. Sometimes, it’s good. Sometimes, it’s not so good.

Despite all that, I’ve been able to keep a somewhat regular practice. Here’s what I am into these days:

1. A 10 minute morning meditation with a focus on bringing myself fully into my body, grounding into Mother Earth and connecting with the Central Spiritual Sun. Sometimes, I get to reinforcing my aura– sometimes not.

2. Morning libation to Mother Earth & Mother Nature.

3. Attending to my Ancestral Altar which includes different prayers and occasional ritual to support Ancestral healing.

4. Weekly spiritual baths for myself and the boys.

5. Daily prayers & candle work.

Most of my spirit work takes place early in the morning.

I would love to do more evening ritual, but I enjoy sleep a little too much these days 🙂 I also miss my Nature walks. Nature still comes and visits, but I miss being outside and connecting with Her more. There are also some rituals that really require my butt to be outside– which I could do, but… I ain’t messing with no-mask-wearing-people or bored police. I like my health and wellbeing 🙂

Since things such as privacy and secrecy no longer exist, I’m learning to share more with my family and focus my intentions differently. It’s an adjustment because I enjoy having my secrets. :)But, I think it’s for the best. The boys need to see some things.

For me, consistency has always been is key. In times of stress, confusion and overwhelm my spiritual practice is what will keeps me centered, grounded and calm. Even if I forget, I always come back.

What about you? Do you have a regular practice? If so, what does your spiritual practice look like these days?

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