Motherhood can be made easier by figuring out how to continually work your spiritual gifts. Here are a couple tips for continually integrating and cultivating your spiritual gifts while raising children.

Start by remembering how you are spiritually gifted.

We all have a capacity to be amazing. Take some time to ask yourself: What do I naturally do well? Are you someone who just knows things? Maybe you have a way with plants? Or perhaps everything you say, comes to fruition? Do the dead constantly hang around you? Think about who you are today and who you have always been. Your magical way of being will become clear to you.

Once you’ve figured out your magic, find where it fits in your life.

For example, if you have the gift of speaking things to fruition, speak good over your children and family. If you have an amazing green thumb create a little indoor/outdoor garden. Finding how everything fits may not be automatic or easy, but you can do it. Allow yourself some wiggle room and play because things always change.

Work your magic with your kids in age appropriate ways.

This gives them permission to figure out how to stay rooted into their own magic. Quite often spiritual gifts come from Maternal lineage. It’s our duty to share and teach. The more you practice together, the more natural and easy this will become for all of you.

If your kids ain’t supporting your most magical conjured life — be creative, find ways to do it for yourself.

You deserve to express fully. Having children does not mean, you must suppress or discard parts of the glorious being you are! Get up early. Stay up late. Pop on some Dora the Explorer and get to working. Integrate your study time into play time by listening to your fav spiritual podcasts with your kids. The more fully expressed you are; the more fully expressed they will be.

In the next post, Ill talk more about how I have specifically integrated my own spiritual gifts into motherhood. See you soon!

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