Man, rolling with two kids is kicking my ass lately. All the things seem to always need to be done right now. Even as I type, I fear Overlord #2 waking and demanding more milk. Somehow 40+ minute of nap time tittay ain’t enough. He’s a big boy and nurses like one. I digress.

Let’s get to the point, shall we. I have been a surly somebody the past few weeks. When I visited home and intuitively sensed what I sensed it was exhilarating and familiar. I miss spending my days seeing the unseen. I miss doing arcane magical shit. I absolutely adore it.

Before popping out son number one, I had all sorts of magical adventures. Now a days, the practice has changed. Everything is practical and tangible. It’s practical like feeling what is tunneling under the house,  discerning whether to take action and then backing my in-tuning up with research. Notice, I have not contacted Mother Earth, called anything in or threatened anything yet. I haven’t even talked to my ancestors about it. My life is so very boring 🙁

I can’t get used to how working intuitively has changed. I no longer have space to call in elements, smudge, toss herbs and pray 45 minutes before asking questions or doing shit. Ohhh the ungrouded, non practical, ethery goodness that was my spiritual practice. Now, I have to stay grounded and work in the present moment without extensive ritual. I also have to trust myself to pick up what I need to pick up.

Working in this way has made me sharper. I discern things much better and am seeing a bit more than before. However, I do miss the excitement of talking to dead folk, working with soul pieces and playing in different spaces. Such is Motherhood. With two boys, it’s helpful to actually be fully present. We’ll see what happens next.


Be good to yourself.




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