I love my mindful and spiritual practices. However, I never seem to be consistent. Something usually happens and then I drop off.

Do I consistently meditate? Nope. Am I consistently mindful as I eat? Hell no. Am I able to maintain any sort of regular pranayama or yoga practice? Um, I sense you gather the theme here.

The funny thing is, I know I’m outside my body when I don’t adhere to any sort of spiritual or mindful practice. These very practices are what keep me centered in my body and grounded in the present moment. However, knowing is really only half the battle. Figuring out why I popped out my body in the midst of motherhood, shopping, cleaning, language learning, play dating, and wifing is challenging at best.

So, what helps me get back in and resolve why I left in the first place? Pleasure. Simple pleasure gets me back into my body and helps me resolve whatever was bothering me in the first place.

For me pleasure takes many forms. It could be anything from a long walk by myself, to slowly enjoying a hot cup of coffee. Sitting with my ancestors, listening to nature, eating delicious food, gardening, napping, baking are all different ways to pleasure myself. These are activities that feel good, help me resolve inner turmoil and bring me fully into the now.

I notice the more pleasure I allow myself, the easier it is to maintain my spiritual and mindful practices. Pleasure also makes it easier to navigate the ups and downs of Motherhood. Pleasure helps me stay sane and stable.

What about you? What pleasureful activities can you do to bring you into the present moment? How do you know if you’re not grounded and centered in the present moment?

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