Community Intention

My intention is to create a safe space where Mothers can reconnect with themselves and Mother Nature through shared ritual.

It is my deepest intention that we come to understand and experience ourselves as part of Nature. We are loved, cared and provided for by Mother Nature herself.

I intend that this space be fertile ground for folk to root into the essence of who they are and express that essence in a supportive, nurturing community– as Mother Nature intends for us all.

I intend that our communal rituals be regenerative, nutritive and supportive your growth, development and wellbeing.


I value Nature– not as a commodity, but as a living breathing loving entity that wants the best for us, because we are a part of her.

I value community because we need each other. Many societal ills could be resolved by regrounding ourselves in Community.

I value authenticity because we each have individual gifts to give that are important to functioning as community. Everyone has an important thing that they do. It’s imperative that we do whatever that thing is.

I value compassion and kindness because it’s something that keeps communities together. We all need compassion and kindness to thrive.

Spiritual Mama love

Who I serve

I serve folks who identify as Mothers. These people are nurturers. They care for children, friends, family and possibly their community.

These Mothers feel and experience the many ways in which society fails us and are looking for ways to make things better for themselves and those they love.

These Mothers have an affinity for Nature in it’s many forms and are willing (or already do) experience Nature as a living breathing entity with her own will.