One of my favorite poses, for the simple fact that it brings you back to yourself and creates boundaries. Scattered? Stressed? Exhausted? In need of serenity? Child’s pose can help!

Oh yeah, child pose is also great for stretching out the lower back and creating a space of ease.

Here are some of my favorite variations to try. Even if you don’t do anything else for your practice, child’s pose is a great pose to be in for a minute or two. Enjoy 🙂

Oh, one more thing. If your knees are easily upset this pose may not be for you. Instead I suggest that you lay on your back, bring your knees to your chest and then wrap your arms around your knees. It’s like giving yourself a big ole hug 🙂 If you are pregnant, you can do the same, just be sure to use some blankets underneath your back and bring your knees out to the side 🙂

Happy Practicing!